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We believe that your wedding day deserves to be recorded and edited to the same professional standards comparable to anything you might see on television; after all, it is one of the most important days of your life and can only be recorded once.

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It’s your special day. It’s when you and the love of your life make public your commitment and loyalty to each other. Your wedding day is also a celebration and a day of fun that you share with your family and friends.

It’s a big deal and you want the day to be perfect. And this is where Pie in the Sky wedding planners come in. Let us take care of all your wedding details, so you can focus on simply enjoying the experience.

We’ll go through every step of the process with you to ensure that your wedding day is all you’ve ever dreamt it would be. At Pie in the Sky we have the skills, experience, enthusiasm, resources and contacts to make your day magical

Should you wish to make use of this unique service please contact us for an appointment. At such a meeting we endeavour to understand your needs and commitment to making it happen for you and your partner.

“You don’t want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only one who does what you do.”

Thank you for your interest in my creative wedding services. Enclosed is information you will find helpful in the planning of your wedding day. I think you will find that our style, our approach and our work are quite unique.

What makes us different from any other wedding service providers? Why should you choose us over all of the rest? Commitment. A commitment that goes way beyond what kind of camera we use, how many video’s we make, or how much we charge. It’s a commitment to you, your families and friends, and to me. A commitment that captures the joys, the happiness, the smiles, and all the tears on your wedding day. To create a lasting memory that you’ll cherish forever.

I am a cinematographer and project manager. I love what I do. Weddings present a wedding cinematographer with an opportunity to witness the kind of emotion that exists nowhere else in the universe. Preserving that moment in history is the greatest accomplishment I know.

What I do goes beyond “who was there, what they wore, and what they did.” I want to know “why?” Why was this the greatest day in the lives of these two people? It’s my commitment to answer that question in a way that no other can.

Sincerely, Rudolf van Zyl

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Wedding Tips

When planning your wedding schedule, it is of utmost importance to consider a couple of things. Here are some tips to make your special day run smoothly.

Preparation: Allocate enough time to shoot all the accessories and details for example, the wedding rings, garter, dress and jewellery etc. Allow the cameraman and photographer enough time to get to the ceremony. If you decided on only 1 cameraman, he or she would have to arrive at the ceremony at least 15 minutes prior to the arrival of the groom. This allows us to finalise sound check.

If you have selected, the “2 Cameraman” option it is very important to provide us with the full addresses for both Bride and Groom.

Sunsets & Couples Shoots: Depending on the style of your shoot it is important to note, the sun sets at different times during the year, obviously, but shooting in bright light makes it a lot more complicated to get the best results. The best light is an hour before and during sunset. Plan your shoot around the sunset, this will then mean that your reception might only start at 20:30 in the summer time and at 17:30 during the winter months.

Speeches: If you have selected the “1 Cameraman” option please remember, all people speaking should be positioned next to the Bridal table. The cameraman can only film one angle at a time and having to swing back and forth across a hall will not look good.

 Sound & Mic: Consider a podium during speeches and ceremony. This will free up hands during speeches, allowing guests to read from notes, use hand gestures to embellish their stories or just be able to lift their own glass of champagne during toasts.

Capturing the best sound is crucial for the video. Please remember that all the sound captured with the camera’s on-board mic is more for reference then actual usage. Big halls, old church buildings and some open air weddings such as beach weddings or very windy weddings cause echoes or wind distortion which is unfortunately not very nice to listen to. Therefor Pie in the Sky captures all the sound using professional sound recording devices that are connected to the venue or DJ’s system used on the day. Having your ceremony without a sound system will leave us with on-board sound only, something that is not fixable if recorded badly.

Filming in bad light: Remember the following when deciding on the venue. Light plays a very important role in the filming of any wedding. If you have a dark and cosy looking reception, then it might cause the footage to have a grainy feel to it. This does not display the same as the footage filmed outside during sunlight. We have to adjust our cameras to be able to film in low light, which results in a less desirable end product. Pie in the Sky takes no responsibility in the quality of the final production if the light was bad.

Pre-Drinks: If you have selected the “1 Cameraman” option, you would have to choose between the Couples Shoot or the Pre-Drinks to be captured. If you are looking to capture both, plan for yourselves to mingle with the guests during pre-drinks, this way you will fill your tummies and grab a cold one for the couples shoot afterwards! Just make sure you give enough time for both to happen without feeling rushed

 Photo Booths: Pie in the Sky Photo Booths work best either during pre-drinks or after speeches. Please plan your space for the booth. An outside booth runs the risk of bad weather, strong winds or sharp sunlight. They work best inside! Please provide us with a space of 3 x 4 meters and 2.5 meters high.

 Travelling: Remember that travelling causes delay and delays lead to extra hours which are billed for separately. If you choose not to extend the hours of the cameraman, photographer, DJ or photo booth operator, you risk missing some of the special moments. Plan your day with travelling included. If you are planning a couples shoot in the mountains of the Cederberg but your reception is in Blouberg you might miss the cutting of your own cake!

DJ & Sound: The power supply of most venues are correctly earthed but, in some cases, they are not. This causes a light hum or buzz over the PA system and is also then sent to our recording devices. Please ask about this as it will hinder the guests and final video production.

 Arrival of the Bride at the ceremony: If you are looking to capture your arrival at the ceremony in your horse and carriage or sports car, consider the following. If you have selected the “1 Cameraman” option, allow some time for the cameraman to get into position after filming you entering. It is impossible to film everything but with some careful planning the cameraman will be able to get a better angle during the ceremony.

 1 Cameraman or 2? For the best results, the “2 Cameraman” option is the best but if you are on a tight budget and having to go for the “1 Cameraman” option please keep in mind that you can only capture one angle at a time and if the cameraman is having to move around. Remember, allow some time for them to get into position. Shaky camera work is sometimes unavoidable and is also very hard to edit. Please decide on what you want captured and then decide either between 1 cameraman or 2.